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Antiquing, San Diego style

April 29, 2010

Antiquing is my mom’s favorite thing to do, and making fun of her for doing it is one of my favorite things to do 😉 I asked my mom to take me while I was at home because I wanted to see what was so great about it, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I thought antiques were all frilly, girly things, but no, there are also things like this:

My mom took me here specifically to see this booth in a very cool antique mall in Ocean Beach. This booth is run by two women who call themselves “The Kitchen Ladies,” and it ROCKS! I wanted everything. They had their merchandise displayed by color. Blue:

Red & green:

See that super cute white and red polka dot bowl at the top left? $90. Yes, I said 90 bucks. Cra-zay! But it is cute, right? There was a crazy collection of vintage pastel tupperware:

I loved these canisters:

Pink & blue, my new favorite color scheme:

I discovered that I love vintage Pyrex and other Pyrex-type stuff. My mom bought me this set of 4 Cindarella (with a handle and a spout) Pyrex bowls in the pink Gooseberry pattern:

Matches the other stuff I picked up at other shops. For example, check out this adorable hand-stitched (and sewn!, well it’s machine-sewn, but  by a regular person, not in a factory) mini-tablecloth/dresser scarf thing:

Adorable vintage pattern, with a cat on one side, and a dog on the other. Blue napkins next to cat are from the Kitchen Ladies, a full set of eight vintage cloth napkins with not a single stain on them. They look like they’ve never been used. Dog:

My mom said they look “smug.” Also picked up a few pieces at another antique mall, in a guy’s booth who clearly doesn’t know how to price his stuff. These custard dishes were only $3.50 a piece:

I saw a set of four at another place for $20. Matching “lunch tray” was only $4:

I plan to use this to serve cheese or sliced bread. Check out the back:

Crazy, huh? Of course I had to have the matching small casserole:

And finally, an 8 cup pyrex measuring cup:

What I love about all this stuff is that it’s durable enough to be used on a regular basis, so you can enjoy them a lot rather than only on “special occasions.” Now, when I go to thrift stores, I will have my eyes open in a whole different way, on the hunt for pieces to add to my tiny, but well-begun collection.

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