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Finished tropical piece

March 18, 2010

The tropical piece is finished!! Here’s what it looked like after I ironed it:

So you may notice the blue streaks in places. That’s the water soluble marker….bleeding onto the fabric. Ooops. Tried to fix it, didn’t work.  When I asked Eric what he thought, he said “why don’t you make the whole thing blue so that you won’t be able to tell?” Hmmmm….I have seen people “tint” their work on the flickr embroidery pool, so I knew it could be done. I just wasn’t sure how. I thought about what I had on hand that could be used to “tint.” Watercolors…I thought, I do have watercolors…So, I set out watercolor my stitchery. It was an interesting process. The watercolors definitely bled outside the “lines,” and got on the floss, so…here’s how it turned out:

So you can see how the watercolors dried…interestingly…Here it is framed:

What do you think? It’s going to its new home this weekend, I hope she likes it! In other news, I printed out my Spring cleaning list so Eric could “get used to it,” in the hopes that we can get started on some of it soon. One of the biggest things on the list is to weed our yard, which is a daunting task. Today, when I went into the backyard to take pictures of the tropical piece in good light, I noticed that we have what appears to be plumeria/freesia-looking flowers amongst the weeds:

That really got me motivated to weed…who knows what else is in there!

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  1. March 18, 2010 9:44 pm

    Love your tropical picture!!!

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