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Stitching 911!

March 9, 2010

This weekend one of my good friends called me with an urgent stitching request. She is throwing a bridal shower for her sister this upcoming weekend and is planning on giving her a bunch of really cute kitchen stuff for a gift. She got an apron as part of the gift, but it was just plain black….BORING. She wanted to have a monogram and perhaps “some sort of retro flower” stitched on the apron to liven it up a bit. I really wanted to do something with the Crazy Kitchen pattern I bought from Sublime Stitching a while ago, particularly the pin-up waitress, so I traced it and combined it with a monogram. It was cute, but ultimately not what my friend had in mind. It turned out retro flowers was exactly what was needed because the rest of the kitchen stuff she bought was covered with retro flowers. Tons of bright colors and 60’s style flowers…very cute. We ended up using part of a floral motif from A Rainbow of Stitches (that book is proving to be a fantastic addition to my tiny, tiny stitching library). Because the apron was black, our transfer options were pretty limited. I traced the pattern onto tracing paper, then pinned the tracing paper to the apron:

I had recently read about stitching onto tracing paper over at Wild Olive, so I knew it was possible. It was definitely an interesting experience. It was pretty frustrating not to be able to see how the stitches were turning out on the fabric, and it was pretty difficult to re-hoop the paper/fabric combo as I moved along. I was especially nervous when it came time to do the monogram because I knew monograms should be done in satin stitches. I thought about just outlining the letters, but then thought, no, it should really be done with satin stitches. When I was all done, I carefully tore away the paper. Here’s how it turned out:

There are still tiny bits of paper stuck amongst the satin stitches of the monogram, but I can’t get them out! Close-up:

I was wary initially about how the colors would look against the black, but I think it came out looking good. We chose the colors together, based on a very cute oven mitt that’s part of the kitchen gifts. Aqua, dark blue, royal blue, olive green, grassy green, bright orange and yellow, and a brownish red orange. Retro indeed. I hope the recipient will be pleased 🙂

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  1. March 9, 2010 8:20 pm

    Love those bright colors on the black! I stitched on a black apron too, major pain! Since then I’ve discovered water soluable stabilizer (I used it on denim). You still can’t see your stitches as you go, but when you’re done, just run it under water, and like magic it disappears, no picking out little pieces, amazing stuff! I found mine at Walmart, but I would think any fabric store would have it.

  2. March 10, 2010 8:42 pm

    It looks great… did you tried tweezers to get the tiny bits of paper out ?
    Ditto Lisa’s comment on the water soluble stabilizer, they also have one that kind of look like a flimsy plasticky sheet that it is used for embroidering as well and dissolves in water.

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