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Adventures in thrifting

March 4, 2010

Today I decided it would be fun to see what thrifty delights could be found in Sacramento because a) why not, and, b) thrift stores in Davis are pretty sub par. I talked my friend in coming along and we went to Goodwill in West Sacramento first. My goodness, what a HUGE store. It was almost as big as a grocery store and had just TONS of stuff. Of course, I was only in the market for certain things, but we ended up spending an hour there just marveling at all the weird stuff we found. I was looking for fabric suitable for stitching on and any other embroidery craft supplies I could find. I ended up getting a sheet after I posted a “what do you guys stitch with” discussion topic on the flickr Embroidery group and got feeback from some that they use sheets. I love the flickr crafting community, they are so forthcoming with help and advice, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. I also got some frames:

A never-been-opened yellow 8.5 X 11 IKEA frame for 99 cents. And this one:

You can’t tell from the picture, but the frame is a bright light blue with silver wavy lines. I thought the picture was of seashells, but when I showed it to Eric he said “Those are bloody teeth, yuck!” They ARE bloody teeth….yuck! That’s o.k. though since I purchased this delightful little piece of art not for the art but rather for the frame. I’m hoping my current stitching project, the tropical one, will fit in this frame. It might not though…that pattern is pretty big. After Goodwill, we traveled to the downtown/midtown Sacramento area to the SPCA Women’s Guild store, which looks kinda shady on the outside, but was totally awesome inside. Lots of great vintage jewelry, clothes, shoes, linens, books, everything you can think of. I got a set of six red cotton napkins that will make a nice gift for someone someday after I stitch them up with some kind of cute pattern:

I found a couple embroidery hoops:

I have saved the best for last. I could not believe when I saw this next item amongst the framed art work…I could not believe someone would give it up I mean:

How gorgeous is that?! That is hand-stitched, people! Look at the colors! The design! Also, this does not have any glass on it and it is perfectly CLEAN. I think you need to see a close-up:

I don’t know what kind of fruit that is supposed to be, but I want it! I love all the different things going on in this piece. I love that the artist made all the leaves different, colors, some filled in, some not. I love all the chain stitches. I love all the different colored fruits. I love the little french knots scattered around. I love the fabric and the color of the fabric it’s stitched on, and I love that it’s framed. And I love that I paid $7.50 for something that must have taken someone hours and hours to do. If someone made that for me, I would never give it up. On the back of this piece, there is a name (a woman’s name thankyouverymuch) and a date…this piece was made in 1965! Oh well, I guess that saying about trash and treasure is true after all. I started stitching the tropical piece last night and here’s what I’ve got so far:

There are three different shades of blue going on there. So….the linen fabric. It’s really, really thin. SO thin. I am using the smallest needle I have and have split my thread and am using 3 strands. You can see through this fabric. Therefore, you can kind of see the thread on the back through the fabric…which is…not so good. BUT: I’m hoping that that won’t matter if I tape the finished piece onto some kind of backing and then frame it. I hope…I bought two yards of this stinking stuff, too because the lady at JoAnn’s told me it was a good idea. Stupid. What do I know? I guess I should have guessed though. You can also see that the fabric is so thin that it’s not really “holding” the stitches very tightly…I don’t know if that makes sense. I am having to kind of pull the stitches taught and hold the floss from behind the fabric while I make the next stitch so it stays securely in place. It’s kind of a pain, but that’s o.k. Lesson learned. If it turns out terribly (which I doubt), I will just try it again on the sheet I just bought or go back to the heavy cotton fabric I have. Hopefully it won’t come to that. Looking ahead, I am really excited about my mother’s day project. I think I am not going to give my mom the “Silver, Glass, China” series just yet, but instead stitch up a pillow cover using a  pattern from an embroidery book I got a while ago called “Modern Primitive Embroidery.” The patterns are very country craftyish, which is perfect for my mom. In other new, my birthday is next Friday, and I am looking forward to (hopefully) using some bday monies to purchase some new running shoes, as I think mine have officially bit the dust. I hope to run sans shin splints very soon…

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