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A good day for goals & new things

March 3, 2010

Yesterday started out pretty rainy and I was not optimistic about my chances of venturing outside, however, at about 1 pm, the rained cleared and the sun came out. I immediately threw my jogging stuff on, did a few quick stretches, and scooted out the door. On Monday I reached a personal best of 15 minutes straight jogging, and yesterday I was determined to beat it. I have a little loop that I’ve been jog/walking for the past couple of weeks, and I had no idea how long it was. It turns out that my little loops is about 1.7 miles, and yesterday I jogged the whole thing. It took me about 20 minutes, which is pretty slow, but I was proud of my accomplishment. I revamped my “workout” playlist yesterday morning, so that helped. The right music can really make a difference in whether I keep jogging, pick up the pace, slow down, or stop jogging and walk. I had a good run of motivating/high energy songs, and even though there were a couple times when I wanted to just walk, I just kept telling myself “just jog through this song” or “just til that tree” or something like that, over and over again until I was home.  My other motivation?:

These seven (seven!) pairs of pants I have had in my drawer for at least a year that I can’t wear right now…and I REFUSE to buy new pants. I see no reason why I can’t wear these again, they are not lose-20-lbs pants, they are just lose-5 or 10-lbs pants, and I think that’s a reasonable goal. Anywho, yesterday I also tried something new in the stitching arena. I bought a water-soluble marker at Michael’s last week because it seems like many people in the stitchy world use one to transfer patterns onto fabric, and I felt like I was missing out. I do not have a light box, however, but I had read that you can use a window as a light box, so that is what I did. First I taped the pattern to the window:

You’ll notice that I did make some modifications to the pattern, taking out the “FAR AWAY” text and putting in a bunch of seashells from the Rainbow of Stitches book as I contemplated doing in yesterday’s post. I rather like the way the shells came out, but good gosh, there’s a lot of detail in those things. Next I took my piece of cut fabric (white linen) and taped it over the pattern:

Neat, huh? So instead of my hand getting really sore like when I use transfer paper and a stylus, my elbow got really sore from holding up my arm and tracing at a weird angle. I think that is probably easily remedied though by 1) using the sliding glass door instead of a small narrow window (I was kind of scrunched into this itty bitty space behind the couch), 2) taping the pattern much lower on the window so that I can sit and trace. Whilst I was tracing, Amelia came up to investigate:

Shocking, I know… After I was done tracing, it looked like this:

This morning I pulled out my floss box and started mulling over colors:

I know the palm trees & other foliage will be shades of blue…something I didn’t consider but am thinking about now is instead of orange for the sun, what about a shade of purple? Then maybe oranges & pinks for the shells? Hmmm….what do you all think??

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  1. April permalink
    March 3, 2010 11:45 am

    SO AWESOME!!! Oh wow!!! I can’t wait to see this finished!

    • rabbitreader permalink*
      March 3, 2010 11:54 am

      Yah, I’m excited, too. I think this one’s gonna take a while though…lots of detailing on the shells–what was I thinking?! 😉

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