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First attempt at pattern design

February 27, 2010

So I think I am going to stop titling my posts with Day __: ______ because as the count gets higher, I get more depressed. So I am just going to post about whatever (semi)interesting things I did on that particular day. This week was kind of a crappy stitching week. Actually it was just a crappy week all around. On Tuesday, when I typically do a lot of cleaning, I made a big list with lots of cleaning on it and then I did nothing. It was raining and gray outside, I looked for jobs but didn’t really find anything promising, so I kind of just ended up sitting on the couch all day being depressed. It sucked. Really bad. I never got around to trying to fix up my China piece and I don’t know when I’ll get around to it; sometime before Mother’s Day but that’s all I know. Still contemplating scrapping and starting over, and I think I’m leaning towards that option more and more. I didn’t make lists for Weds-Fri, but the week did get better. I played a lot of guitar which was good I guess. I have some pretty good calluses going on now, which I’m pretty happy about. Started playing some other songs besides Hurt & Reasons Why. I added “Out Loud” by Mindy Smith, which is pretty difficult and “Easy to Ignore” by Sixpence None the Richer which is super duper easy, which I love. Tried to pick up “Everybody Knows” by Dixie Chicks, but the rhythm is hard and I gave up on it for now. I did stitch up a quick birthday present for a friend, which turned out cute, but I can’t show it or I’ll ruin the surprise. So, I’ll post about it after the gift is given. I had four project-related tasks on my to-do list for the week (Tuesday’s list just ended up covering the week), including: Birthday present for ____; fix China piece; plan project for Daniel (my friend’s baby boy); and plan project for Erin. I got around to half of those…. Erin asked for something tropical to hang in her cube, which was a challenge because there are not a whole lot of tropical patterns floating around out there. I found a vintage pattern in the Hoop Love Vintage Transfer pool on flickr:

I just wasn’t feeling this pattern. It’s pretty plain, so I guess there’s potential for adding on, but it didn’t say “Erin” to me…so, I decided to try my hand at creating my own pattern from scratch. First I did a  google image search “tropical,” and saw some vintage looking posters amongst the photos. So then I did an image search on “vintage style tropical art” then “vintage hawaiian art,” which turned up some great vintage prints. Erin loves Hawaiia and Hawaiian-related stuff like ukulele music, Jack Johnson, Hawaiian food & drink, ETC. So, I knew I wanted to have that vintage print feel to my pattern. I ended up printing several images, but the one I really wanted wouldn’t print due to copyright issues probably, but you can see it here. I liked the simplicity of the image:

Since it wouldn’t print, I grabbed my tracing paper and used my laptop as a light box, placing the tracing paper directly on top of my screen and tracing the image with a sharpie. I did not want the “ALOHA” text, but instead wanted to incorporate a song by one of Erin’s favorite singer/songwriters Ingrid Michaelson. The song is called “Far Away,” and it’s about day dreaming about living another, simpler life on an island somewhere. I like it and I think it works with the tropical concept. I played around with different elements:

I wanted a vintage post card message “Greetings From ____” type thing, so I googled vintage fonts and found an alphabet I coud print out, so I traced the phrase I wanted. I decided to do away with the tropical flower elements, I thought it looked to cluttered. And I rounded out the font for “FAR AWAY” and replaced the star with a sea shell. The final looks like this:

What do you think? Still contemplating adding some teensy seashells or plumeria flowers in front of “greetings” and after “bay”…what do you think? Don’t want it to look too cluttered. I am going to JoAnn’s in Sac today to see if I can score some nice linen to stitch this on. Check out these super cute hand puppets I found at Michael’s yesterday for 59 cents each:

They are plain (not colored) so I figure I can stitch over the outlines and give them as gifts to my friends with babies…I’m excited. They also had blank puppets, which I may have to go back for later. I have to be careful in Michael’s…

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  1. March 1, 2010 8:45 pm

    I’m sorry that you are feeling depressed and kind of blah 😦 .
    Hopefully the rest of things that you are getting accomplished will cheer you up !
    The pattern it’s cute, how nice that you are really wanting to give your friend something that will make her happy that she will truly like !
    Good buy you got at Michael’s … once I’m back from my trip will check my local store … ;-).

    I saw your message on the Embroidery Pool on Flickr … left you a message there, (let me know) !

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