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Day 42: Kitties, kitties, kitties!

February 14, 2010

My weekend was filled with good things, how about yours? My friends and I arrived at the ramen place at 1/2 hour early yesterday because the place is TINY and only holds about 15 people at a time.

It is literally a house…or was at some point, I think. But, a very very small house. We tried to go last weekend, but we got there at 12:15 and there were already at least 20 people waiting outside. Anyway, we got in and it was mighty tasty. I started with the Shirasu Avocado (I hope I’m spelling that correctly):

What you are looking at is a bunch of tiny white fish on top of rice with green onions, seaweed, sesame seeds, and avocado. You can see the little fishy eyes, but you get over it pretty quick because they’re so bite-sized. It tastes a bit fishy, but not in a bad way, in a mostly salty way, but it was super tasty and I would order it again. For the ramen, you have your choice of several broths, including sea salt, spicy, soy-based, and soy milk, and you can get all of these with meat or vegetarian. The soup itself is pretty sparse, comes with noodles, green onions, some bamboo shoots, a large piece of seaweed (which I gave to my friend because I am not a seaweed fan), and a thin slice of meat floating on top (in my case it was pork):

This was the sea salt broth with pork. On the table there are several condiments to add to your soup, including garlic, chili sauce, soy sauce…uh, other stuff. I added garlic, but wouldn’t do that again. After lunch we stopped by this uber hipster coffee shop, called Temple…see, I told you it was hipster. Anyway, we got GIANT cookies!!

My friend Bre was so excited to be there that she made me take a picture of her with her coffee…

Mmmmm….tastes like hipsters…I kid, I kid. Anyway, I did get to visit with Bre’s still un-named but very cute kitty:

Of course there was much oooing and ah-ing over the baby kitty, so Bre decided that we should take a trip to the animal shelter to check out kittens. I have been thinking about adopting a second cat and think that a male kitten would be the best bet for Amelia. Bre just wanted to play with kittens…Anyway, I fell for this little guy:

He just wanted to cuddle…so cute. So we’re thinking about it. Still feeling to post the Chili Mac recipe…perhaps tomorrow. I did get back to work on the sweeping Alice piece:

I didn’t want to make the card white because the fabric is white, so I went with a light silvery gray color and a darker gray color for the inside of his card suit. Black satin stitches for the club and the tights…feel awfully dark, but oh well. Am doing fill stitches for the red shoes, but I want them to look kind of crazy, so I’m doing tiny seed stitches in all different directions. I think I will put some french knots on the ends of the shoes. How could I not, they’re pointy! I think what my main issue with this Alice piece is not the stitches themselves (which believe me have caused much time, floss, and finger pain to be expended), but rather the colors. They’re so….basic. Subdued? Yellow, black, red, blue…primary? Basic, I think I would describe it as basic. And what’s left? The broom….brown. Basic. Maybe I’m just not very good at picking color palettes or thinking outside of the box. I guess that comes with experience. I hope… I started practicing a new song on guitar today. Hurt, the Johnny Cash version. I was happy with how far I progressed on my first day of playing it. And now, your moment of Amelia…(I don’t usually do this, but maybe I should. She is a beautiful cat after all… 🙂 ):

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  1. February 15, 2010 8:09 am

    Eek! Tiny fish all over your food! I’m glad they weren’t bigger, or I just might have thrown up! Gross, Mel!

    Okay, off to try to purge that visual from my brain…

    • rabbitreader permalink*
      February 15, 2010 9:32 pm

      Ha, Nen, I was trying to explain your irrational fear of fish to Eric and he just didn’t seem to get it….I’ll never forget how freaked out you were by the fish tanks at Sophia’s… 🙂

  2. February 15, 2010 8:24 pm

    The stitching is looking great and the colors you chose makes it more
    real than cartoonish wish is great !
    Good u had some good time with friends at lunch/coffee , I stick to
    orange chicken & fried rice 🙂 and definetely coffee/tea & giant cookies !

    • rabbitreader permalink*
      February 15, 2010 9:33 pm

      Thanks for the feedback. I think I get pretty insecure/self-conscious about every little stitching decision I make because I’m so new at it, so thanks for making me feel better about it 🙂

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