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Day 39: Flossin’…

February 11, 2010

Last night I took a trip to Michael’s and got floss…I know I told you about that last night, but I didn’t get a chance to take anything out of the bag last night. So, when I went to take stuff out today, I opened the bag and all the lovely floss just looked so pretty that I had to snap a picture:

You’ll notice all the blue for future pieces in the Alice series. My list today was pretty similar to the yesterday’s list, so I’ll spare you that picture. I accomplished everything except applying for one job (I didn’t find one today) and (surprise, surprise) finding a dentist. Thanks to my good friend Peggy for sharing her dentist with me, I’ll have to try them tomorrow. I do have some exciting news…I’ve been trying to run/jog lately, and so far have been able to run for a measly 5 minutes before having to stop due to either a puking feeling or calf muscle spasm or something like that. Well, I am proud to report that today I ran for 10 minutes…woo hoo! I am stoked and hope to increase that time tomorrow. For my “practice guitar” item on my daily list I have been playing “Reasons Why” by Nickel Creek, which is fairly simple, except for a certain part of the song where there is a rapid chord change of three chords right in a row, like rapidly. Today I did the chord change without messing up, yay!  We went to a new restaurant in town with our friends, the Davis Dumpling House…so good!

I did some more work on Alice today:

Finished the dress and started on the card guard….what say you?? So, tonight when I was working on Alice, Amelia came to investigate. She was standing on the coffee table near my open box of nicely organized floss, and then decided to STOMP ALL OVER IT:

SIGH. Typical kitty behavior I suppose. I also want to show you up close the special very pretty floss I bought last night:

It was a lot more expensive than  normal skein, but…look how pretty. It’s variegated and perl cotton…k, nerding out here, I suppose. I stitched something small, just for funsies today, but can’t show it to y’all until after V-Day… ***Ooops, except it’s showing up in my flickr widget…ahhhh!***

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  1. February 12, 2010 8:05 am

    Oh, Alice is so pretty! By the way, I know I owe you an email, I’m hoping to do some email catch up later today.

    • rabbitreader permalink*
      February 12, 2010 9:07 am

      I hope the email tells me I can hope to stitch up something for Daniel’s room soon… 🙂 Thanks, Alice is fun, but taking forever…

  2. February 12, 2010 8:27 am

    Came over from flickr 😉 …
    Great purchase !!! I love shopping for almost anything/everything embroidery related :-D.
    You are doing a great job on your Alice !

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