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Day 35: Super Sunday update

February 7, 2010

So the past few days since my last post have been pretty busy, hence the no posting. I did really well with my lists since the crappy day (Wednesday) in which no list was made and I felt bad about myself. I did a whole mess of stuff on Friday, including baking, stitching, cleaning, and even applying for a job that I would love to have. On Friday I saw this outside my bedroom sliding glass door:

letting me know that Spring is fast approaching. There are even more out there now, will have to get another picture tomorrow, so pretty 🙂 I have been having some (o.k. maybe just one) ideas for embroidery patterns of my own, which I put on my list for tomorrow and hopefully draw up and share in tomorrow’s post. I saw many more signs of spring on my walk/run on the greenbelt and then I made these:

for my friend Curtis’s birthday, along with this birthday card:

Curtis just got a new drum kit so I thought this cute drums pattern from the Sublime Stitching craft pad would make a cute card. I used a variegated blue thread and back stitched the whole thing. I haven’t stitched a card since Christmas, and it brought back memories of how painful stitching on paper can get since you have to keep twisting your wrist at awkward angles because the paper is not flexible (i.e. you don’t want to bend it), etc. I wish I would have taken a picture of the inside of the card after I punched all the holes in the design; this was a fairly large and detailed pattern and there were A LOT of holes. This card was also cool because I got to check off “start new stitching project” and “make card for Curtis” off my list. I love two-fers. I am a huge dork and forgot to take my camera with me on Saturday when I met my friend Bre’s new kitty, who she has not named yet and is incredibly little and cute. Also ate some yummy Greek food at Opa Opa and wish I had pictures of that….SIGH. I started a new project today at the super bowl party I went to and got a fair amount of stitching done. I have had my eye on this very cute Alice in Wonderland days of the week series of vintage patterns on the Hoop Love Vintage Transfers pool on flickr, and decided to start on “Friday’s” pattern:

If you look through the series, you will see that Alice is performing a whole series of domestic tasks, which is kind of sexist, but also true to the time period. I am leaving off the text “Friday” because I don’t really like the words, I don’t feel like it adds anything to the series, even if I do decide to do the whole series, I think it would look good without the text. I could always add my own text in later, who knows. Anyways, I stitched through the whole super bowl, which was fun for me. I got a fair amount done, although it got difficult as the day went on because of the lighting. There are definitely some stitches I will be pulling out, and I need to take a pencil and go over some of the transfer because it’s rubbing off.

As you can see I am going with the traditional blue dress with white pinafore for Alice, but I am going to mix it up a bit on the trim of her dress, I’m going to go with a kind of sherbet-y orange color. The white color for the pinafore is also not really white, it’s more of an ivory color. I also decided to fill in the skirt part of the pinafore with french knots because….I’m a masochist? I dunno, I think french knots are very pretty and look delicate and add some nice texture. I may try a technique I recently found out about from Comfort Stitching, but I’m kind of nervous about it, so I think I will probably practice on my practice stitch tea towel.  I hope I can figure it out though, because it looks so pretty. I think I would do this filling in on the card guy who is so gallantly holding the dust pan for Alice. Too bad he’s probably thinking about selling her out to the Queen of Hearts while Alice is sweeping . . . Anywho, this week I have some yummy meals to share with you, including: Chili Mac, Acorn Squash Spicy Chili, Spinach Tortilla Casserole, and … I can’t remember the other recipe, but you know it’s going to be good. Congrats Saints fans! 🙂 Til tomorrow…

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