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Day 31: Sucktastic

February 3, 2010

I made no list today. Well, that’s not true. I made a list, but I made it late and I made it half-heartedly. So, I am not counting it. I overslept, got up at 9, hemmed and hawed about whether I had enough time to get in workout, shower & wash hair, get ready and eat lunch before my noon appointment. So, I looked at crap online until 10, took a shower and got ready, packed up my stuff and headed out. After my noon appointment, I headed to Sac to see about his job opportunity. I am going to go to the actual job site on Friday and check it out, but it doesn’t sound like anything I’d want to be doing, there are no benefits, and the pay is …insulting. So…I will probably not be getting involved in this. I picked up Eric from work, we ate dinner, and then we got into an argument. So, yah . . . not feeling that great about this (to)day. I will try again tomorrow. Til then…

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