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Day 26: Revelations about fabric

January 28, 2010

Today I finished up the wall-hanging for my friend’s birthday that I posted about yesterday. It was a pretty quick project, and my favorite part was definitely picking the colors…so colorful:

And a close-up:

This is going to stay in the hoop and can be hung on the wall. This project also led me to some realizations about fabric for these kinds of stay-in-the-hoop projects. I used what was at Michael’s, which was cross-stitch backing fabric. It was o.k. to work with, but it doesn’t stretch easily and doesn’t really look all that great. After looking online at other people’s work on fabric, I think I need to acquire some linen fabrics to work on. They look much neater, no big holes like the cross-stitch fabric. I got to hang out with my “nephew” Isaac again today, which was awesome. For dinner I cooked up a Quick Beef Provencal with mashed potatoes. I goofed up on cooking the carrots:

I was supposed to use 1 TB of wine to steam the carrots in the microwave, but I misread and used 1 cup. Ooops. It turned out fine. Drunken carrots! 😉 Here’s some of the other ingredients:

And since I was cooking with wine…


I failed to get a good picture of it in the bowl:

I am going to finish up the wall-hanging for Ms. April and then after that…??? Perhaps I will take a trip to JoAnn’s tomorrow and see if I can score some linen. Going over to stitch at a friend’s house tomorrow night, fun fun. On a completely unrelated note, I just caught a glimpse of Taylor Swift on TV while Eric was flipping channels (my pet peeve by the way), and I just wanted to say, in case you didn’t know, that I cannot stand that chick. Her music sucks. That is all. Super fun stuff planned for Saturday: my friend Bre is rollin into town and we are going kitty shopping at the SPCA adoptions at Petco and also doing some stitch instruction..yay yay yay. Til tomorrow…

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