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Day 17 & 18: Got flu?

January 21, 2010

Yesterday I had a 24-hour bug of some kind that made me feel nauseous and like I was going to hurl all day. I did not hurl, which was unfortunate as it likely probably would have made me feel better. Instead I just felt queasy and laid in bed most of the day. While I was in bed, finishing up Wuthering Heights, Amelia came and snuggled with me, which was so nice and floofy. Examples:

Mmmm…kitty snuggles. I also stitched the rabbit queen onto my olive green t-shirt. I finished the rabbit head:

I am unsure of whether or not to do the border work as is included in the pattern:

What do you think?  Also wanted to show a better picture of the birds & heart stitching:

Tomorrow I am going to hang with a friend and give her an intro to stitching on greeting cards, like this:

No stats today as they are just depressing. As far as jobs go, the prospects there aren’t so great right now either. I have two jobs that I plan on applying for tomorrow. Eric will be getting his cover letter from the person he paid to do resume & cover letter, and has several jobs he’ll be applying for, including a few on the east coast. So, send your good thoughts our way, please!

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  1. January 21, 2010 9:22 pm

    I like the border work, personally. Are you guys applying for any jobs in Chica-va?

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