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Day (what day is it again?!) 16 of Unemployment: Project updates, etc.

January 19, 2010

So, it’s been a while. Since I couldn’t share my progress on the projects I was working on and was thus devoid of interesting/pretty pictures to post, I couldn’t find a compelling enough reason to post in the past six days. Well, the projects are finished and were given to their recipients yesterday (birthday pressies!), so I can now share them with the world (or, the six people that read this).  Both projects were tote bags, plain white, that I bought from Michael’s. For the first, I chose to use the same birds & heart pattern that I am stitching on to a pink tee-shirt (that is a few stitches from being finished as well).

This picture turned out crappy, boo 😦 Here’s a better picture of the stitching but without the french knots:

I really had fun choosing the colors for this pattern because I got to choose from all the new floss I bought last week, so I definitely have some new favorites.  I messed up with the bird on the right though. I thought that I was using a dark purple floss, but really it was brown…I think I was working in dim lighting or something, but by the time I realized it, it was too late and I wasn’t going to pull out all the stitches. This was my first time doing the stem stitch, and I have to say, it is not that easy. I like how it looks though, but I still have a lot of practice before I get it looking perfect. The other tote I am calling the “fairy tale” tote because of the fairy tale like patterns I used: gnomes and Pegasuses…the patterns don’t really have anything to do with each other, I just thought they were cute and that my friend would like both so I just used both and tried to tie them together:

The gnome with mushrooms and the Pegasus patterns are free from Badbirds, and the rest I just drew on to the bag with a pencil and stitched. I know the phrase is “April showers bring May flowers,” but I thought why does April have to forever be associated with dreariness? Flowers bloom in April, too. So there! Here’s a close-up of the gnome and mushrooms:

And a close-up of the Pegasuses in the clouds:

I should have my finished pink tee shirt to share with you all tonight as well as the plan for my next project. Yesterday I got super awesome Christmas present from one of my besties:

She made one for each of us pictured on the cover, each slightly different…isn’t that a great idea? I was totally blown away. We were out in Sonoma yesterday, in the RAIN. I tried a new winery which was super yummy:

Eric got his bound dissertations back yesterday.

Now, doesn’t that look smart? We are both on the lookout for jobs all over the country/world/universe. It is a weird place in our lives, we feel we’re just sort of “hanging around,” waiting for the next stage of our lives. We’ve been in Davis for much longer than we’d ever planned on (since 2000 and 2001), and we feel like it would be a welcome change to move on from this place, BUT we  would miss our friends terribly. So, it would be a bittersweet thing to pack up and move on. Eric found a great sounding job in Bethezda (don’t know if spelling’s correct), Maryland…which to me sounds like a place God would send someone to punish them. Like, “get thee to Bethezda, it’s right there, next to Ninevah….” We are totally spoiled having lived our entire lives in California; we are going to whine about weather no matter where we end up, unless we end up back in Southern California. I am blogging from my bed (because, why the hell not?) where it is warm and comfy. It is quite relaxing, I am listening to the POURING rain all around me. I have an errand I should go out and run, but there is no way in H-E-L-L- double hockey sticks that I am going out in that. I am going to be cooking something for dinner tonight, so I will be sure to take pictures. Look for another post this evening…I will do the stats thing then, I promise 🙂

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  1. Peggy E permalink
    January 19, 2010 5:12 pm

    Phil Ryan used to live in Bethesda! You’d be about 30 min. away from Renee!

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