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Day 11: Babysitting & Birds

January 11, 2010

The weekend was an eventful one for me and Amelia. Yesterday a cat ventured into our backyard and came right up to the sliding glass door. Amelia happened to be sitting in that exact spot, and when she saw the cat, her kill switch was activated and she tried to run through the glass door to get at the cat. She ran head on into the door, I thought she had hurt herself but she was all right. After that she spent a good amount of time running back and forth between every window in the house, growling and mewing and looking at us to make sure we were still here and had not in fact run off to join the enemy kitty. I took my my laptop into the Apple store at Arden Fair Mall and it was definitely a mistake to go on the weekend. It was PACKED. I hated it. I had to leave my laptop there over night for them to run “diagnostic tests” to try and figure out what had caused the 5 kernel failures its had in the past three months. They didn’t find anything wrong with it, so I hope there are no more problems. I did learn that I should keep my laptop plugged in as much as possible, which I did not know. After we got back from that I finished up the last baby elephant infant shirt I was working on:

Close up on the pattern:

Elephant is baby blue, I did three layers of backstitch for the elephant outline. The umbrella is red, yellow, and royal blue, the royal blue is also outlining the stars on the ball. I also decided which pattern I wanted to use for my pink long-sleeved tee shirt. Two birds with heart pattern from Embroidered Effects book by Jenny Hart:

And ironed it onto the shirt:

Jenny used light gray, dark grey, blue gray and some other beautiful colors of floss that I unfortunately just don’t have. So, I decided on a purple theme using the following colors (minus the blue and light pink):

I worked on the pattern a bit last night and then again today while I babysat the most adorable baby on the planet, my “nephew” Isaac (the one for whom I stitched all the infant shirts). Here’s my progress so far:

I’m using a variegated purple floss for the tail plumage fern stitches, so that’s why they’re different colors. I am taking a lot more time and being a lot more careful with my stitches this time, because I think that’s what really makes the difference between a good project and a great project. Also tried the stem and fern stitches for the first time on this project, so while they probably don’t look great, I at least know two new stitches now. I think the second bird will look a lot nicer than the first, but oh well. My step mother-in-law (if there is such a thing…Eric’s dad’s wife) gave me some very helpful tips on fixing up my resume this morning so that was awesome. All righty, Here are the stats for the day:

People I talked to today besides my husband: 8

Number of places gone to today (this is new): 2

Today’s pair of pj’s = No pj’s today…what what?!!

Showers taken = 1

TV watched today = Skins, 2 episodes

Minutes spent in the Hazzard dojo = 30

Jobs applied for = 0

Stitching project = Pink tee shirt w/ birds and heart pattern

In case you were wondering what the Hazzard dojo looked like, it is just our garage plus a heavy bag/speed bag combo:

I like to kick the heavy bag…fun times 🙂 I think I’ll start putting pictures of the meals we cook, cause we’ve been making some awesome food from our new cookbook lately. April knows about the super yummy ramen 🙂 Today we made Sweet Chili Glazed Tofu with Bok Choy. Pan-frying tofu:

Tossing with bok choy and chili sauce:

Finished product:

This was seriously one of the best things I’ve tasted in a long time; it tasted like it came from a restaurant. YUM. “See” ya tomorrow, kids 🙂

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