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Day 9 (Weekend Edition): Brunch, Chores & Choices…

January 9, 2010

Today was a very productive day for me and Amelia. It’s funny how I choose a weekend day to do a bunch of housework considering that everyday is basically Friday to me, but ah well, old habits die hard I suppose. The day started out with a lovely get together with a good friend at the newest “it” place in Davis, a tea room called tea list.

I had a pot of organic tangerine ginger herbal tea, which turned out looking like pink grapefruit juice after it had steeped, and a breakfast scone. The tea was so pretty, I wish I had taken a picture….next time. My friend had a pot of black tea infused with vanilla…also very yummy smelling and tasting.  After that we puttered around the antique shop next door for a while, and then I headed home to clean up my disaster of a house. Cleaning, laundry, cleaning, boring boring boring. Amelia always has a good time when I clean because her opportunities to get into stuff increase by a lot. For example, I had to shoo her out from the cupboard under the sink, chase her off the kitchen floor as I was mopping it, and get her off and out from under all the dining room chairs I had put in the living room while I swept and mopped the floor. Hiding under chairs is probably her favorite past time. She did NOT, however, enjoy it when Eric vacuumed the living room. She never does. Oh well. I did some work on the baby elephant infant shirt during a lunch break, here’s where I’m at:

I’ll probably finish it up tonight or tomorrow. I am excited about picking out patterns for the three colorful long-sleeved tees I have. They are like blank canvasses. I’ve got a dark royal kind of blue (yes, you have this shirt April), a dark bright pink, and a bright olive kind of green:

I’d like to do something large, going up the side on one. Something large on the back for another, and I’m not sure about the other. I really like this pattern from Badbirds:

Probably because it reminds of Alice & Wonderland somehow…it’s weird but I like it. I also really like this one:

Yah, I like bunnies…This one would look on the back of a tee probably, while the rabbit queen one would look cool on one side of the chest, like the sugar skull & flowers I did. Speaking of that, here is a close-up of that:

So many choices for what to stitch…if you have any suggestions, please feel free to leave them in the comments! I am taking my laptop into the Apple Store tomorrow to have it checked out by a “genius” because it made funny noises and made me manually shut down again today…it hadn’t done that in a while, and, seeing as how I don’t “need” my computer right now for a job, I figure now is a good time to take it in and leave it. I’m sad, this might be the last post for a few days, so hopefully I’ll have more fun stitchery stuff to post about upon my return. Since it’s the weekend I’m not going to do any “stats,” but I will explain that when I say “People I talked to today (besides my husband),” I am not counting texts, emails, or facebook messages or “conversations,” just honest to goodness face-to-face interactions. O.k., till next time…

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